Robert Wilson


About RobertStarted his career as a negotiator in 1991 in Boscombe (Bournemouth), Parkstone (Poole) then Canford Heath (Poole). 3 Years saw him manage a corporate agency in Weymouth then Dorchester. Promotion to Area Manager followed, then to Regional Manager. 12 loyal years passed and his next career path took him to supporting his brothers' estate agency for two years in his old stomping ground, Parkstone. Robert then owned his own successful agency in Weymouth before taking a well earned break before joining Wilson Tominey.
WeaknessesTeary scenes on the telly..

David Tominey


About DavidStarted his career in 1995 in Weymouth as a Negotiator progressing to Market Appraisal Manager. Leaving the Weymouth office as Branch Manager, recent years have seen David Manage the Corporate Estate Agents Dorchester Office, typically ruling the roost in his patch. David turned down the offer of Regional duties to follow his destiny with Wilson Tominey.
Strengths – Home cooking
Weaknesses – succumbing to his two daughters charms

Matt Gregg

Lettings Manager

About MattMature beyond his years in many ways. He is an athlete of decathlon talent in the office, there is nothing he won’t put his mind to and tackle. He is fearless in his responsibility. Happy at home with fatherhood dawning, Matt ‘sensible’ Gregg is either fluffing the pillows or cleaning his car.
StrengthsPositivity and regular gym workouts..
WeaknessesPathetically scared of spiders, screams at the tiniest of arachnids.

Jo Wilson

Senior Negotiator

About JoAn Estate Agent in Weymouth for over 10 Years, charming everyone she makes contact with. Skills range from secretarial to Market Appraisal Manager; master of all. Oozes enthusiasm.
StrengthsHeart and smile.
WeaknessesChocolate and more chocolate..

Rikki Sorbie

Senior Negotiator

About RikkiWe call him Swiss Tony, the quintessential car salesman, completely genuine with the cheeky smile and the innocent laugh, Rikki really is here for the enjoyment of it all. At work his warmth, charm and approach mean that business isn’t won or lost, it just evolves with Rikki. The pleasure is ours and you may share it.
StrengthsGym, love of his son, a gorgeous charmer himself and a real ‘mini me’. Generous with treats.
WeaknessesHe is the cookie monster, forever buying biscuits and sweets and hiding them in his drawers.

Jake Mowlam


About JakeFinding himself at the beginning of a career but his early years have not been lost. Good academics opened the door to a University degree, in music. He’s a drummer and taught it for extra money whilst learning. Sealife Centre, retail and more recently a builder, Jake is now ready to start his choice career with us in Estate Agency. Very keen, good listener, practices with assurance and happens to be a very nice man. He’s enjoying it and we are pleased. Looking forward to his growth.
Strengths plays drums, reads drums, life’s a beat. A people’s person who loves to interact
WeaknessesSucker for saying yes to everybody and everything

Tom Adams-Smith

Lettings Property Manager

About Tom fresh and young, Tom has learnt the importance of customer service in a large retailer in Weymouth. Wanting to be challenged he finds himself with us, proving already to be an asset. Tom’s likeable persona and cool calm and collective approach to work no matter the situation makes him ideal for the challenges in Lettings. An attractive career could be ahead.Young Tom is a devoted family man spending his time with his partner, their child and close to parents.
Strengthsmeasured approach to his day, work or play. Puzzle solving!
Weaknesses Eating! His words.

Jada Fox


About Jada Jada, appears to us at least in the youthful category. But, we feel like we scouted a real scoop. Such a find. Jada is so good at digesting and then implementing all the training we can possibly throw at her. She soaks it up with such enthusiasm and energy. Her age though belies her responsible and conscientious behaviour. We fully expect Jada to blossom into something very, very special. We feel very lucky to have her as part of our team.
StrengthsWalks on in the office like it’s her home, not phased, out look is up, happy as pigs in …….
Weaknesses It’s an age thing. She eats ‘Tuck Shop’ food.

Molly Hopkins

Trainee Negotiator

About Molly – Enjoys her job, to be seen in her smile. She can’t compete to be largest character in the house in many ways BUT she is self-assured and making very confident waves in the office and selling to the customers. Looking forward to the bigger stage for her.
Strengths - A good cook, or should I say chef- she says.
Weaknesses - Glued to Serial Crimes, the gorier the better.

Alexis Harvey

Lettings Consultant

About Alexis – From an initial career in sales and then human resources for a large corporate company, we are very fortunate Alexis wants to return to customer sales.
Industrious and conscientious. Listens in training and applies but with her own charismatic style, perfect. Will always feel she is by our side, we won’t let her down; a perfect relationship.
Strengths – her love of her ‘sausage dog’ taking her cross county to shows and ‘meets’. He’s called Arnie ‘’Swartzensausage’’
Weaknesses – sugar addict- another one! Just get it out of your system when you are young!

Shay McNulty

Trainee Negotiator

About Shay Give him one seed to sow and he comes back yielding a crop. Always a pleasure knowing that someone soaks up your knowledge and immediately and always applies to his day. Shay is enjoying his job and it shows as the public enjoy him.
Strengths– He’s a DJ on the Deck, and likes to socialise.
Weaknesses Petrol Head, boy’s and their toys. He’ll learn his priorities soon enough. He is young though, and that doesn’t last.


Administrator to Sales Manager

We will soon be looking to expand again. If you are interested in applying for a role at Wilson Tominey, please send your CV and a covering letter to