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with some answers…

Do I need an EPC’s (energy Performance Certificates)?

EPC is required and must be ‘commissioned ‘ before marketing commences.

Is now a good time to sell?

A million dollar question. Our belief is confidence has returned to the market meaning properties although have dropped in value are achieving market price. Values will rise but in the short term only moderate amounts.

Of course moving up market the gap has never been so close and on qualifying for a good mortgage there has never been a better time to move.

How much have prices changed?

We are experiencing  in many cases properties achieving prices similar to the peak in 2007 we feel that generally all properties will find this level and increases will pitter out after the summer.

Is it a good time to buy?

With mortgage rates at a historic low and prices in Weymouth on the upturn. It’s never been a better time.

Is there a better time of the year to sell my property?

A misconception by many is that properties only sell in the Spring & Summer time. At this time they look nicer in full glory but there is more competition. In the Autumn & Winter the reverse is true.

What can I do to achieve the best price for my property?

Firstly this is an in depth question and the answer can vary from property to property. What we would suggest is to contact the team to arrange an appointment for us to visit you to discuss the best way to achieve the best price for you.

Do you or I do the viewings?

So many parts of the answer to this. You know your property best; it’s our job; time out the office is time not selling; a property sells itself; we know what to say.
It depends! In the past I have seen some ghastly bad and some marvelous accompanied viewings. We are trained to install confidence, overcome objections and sell the benefits and potential of a property. I have also experienced viewing after viewing on the same property and the vendor carries out one and sells it for the full price. If we all agree it is best then we do the viewings in work hours.

Do I sell or find first?

This is always subject to market conditions which are changing rapidly as we speak. We suggest you contact the team to discuss the best course of action for the current climate.

My property is not selling. What can I do to change this?

All properties will sell if marketed correctly, regardless of the market conditions; it’s not always the price as you may be led to believe. It is important to individually tailor the marketing strategy to the property so for this reason call us to discuss which course of action is best for you.

What are the costs involved in moving?

The costs involved in selling will include the use of a solicitor/conveyancer and of course the beloved Estate Agent! When buying on, as well as the solicitor/conveyance costs you will need to pay survey fees and mortgage arrangement costs if applicable. Also, don’t forget to include any Stamp Duty costs to your budget. These costs will vary depending on the selling and purchase prices. We offer all of these services literally under one roof, so if you call us we will be able to quote your entire moving costs for you.

What bespoke packages do you provide?

We offer a variety of bespoke marketing packages to suit our clients’ properties and situation. This can range from our standard marketing and premier package with additional add on features for both.

How can you help me where other agents have failed?

We believe in complete honesty with our clients. We feel regardless of your previous experiences with trying to sell your property if the correct marketing and advice from us is given you will achieve your goal.

What else can I do except reducing my price to find a buyer?

There are various methods of attracting more interest in your property without solely just reducing. We suggest arranging a meeting with your estate agent to organize a suitable strategy, for example, taking new photos or organizing an open day.

What makes your company different from the rest?

Having working experienced directors on the front line we are able and do react to changing market conditions and individual customer needs. Hopefully the web site gives an insight to are company. We look forward to explaining more.

I have been looking for a long time but there is nothing suitable to purchase. What can I do?

We have the perfect scheme available for vendors in that scenario which has been very successful for our clients up to now which is called the V.I.P scheme. This scheme utilizes our specific home finding service which is free whilst you potentially market your property on a low key basis putting yourself in the strongest possible situation for when our team find your ideal home.

How can your complete service save me time and money?

Our one stop shop is literally under one roof being unique in this location which provides all your property needs through one door. This system enables your time to be used wisely because it is only one visit instead of three or four to various other companies, making your sale and purchase seamless avoiding the saying ‘The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing’. All the services under one roof keeps the overheads down enabling the saving to be passed on to our clients.

Will my financial situation allow me to move?

Everyone’s financial situation is different and in this climate it is crucial to receive the best advice for your personal circumstance. We provide a free full market review of your situation allowing the correct decision to be made, saving you money and peace of mind. Contact the office to make an appointment to see our in house financial advisor Mr. Andy Parsons who can discuss your needs further.